Mike Sutter began his career in the masonry industry when he was a senior in high school.  He served his apprenticeship, became a journeyman bricklayer, foreman, estimator and project manager.  In 1991 Mike and Colleen started Sutter Masonry LLC, built on the principles of honesty, hard work and a commitment to excellence.  Mike purchased a truck, a mixer and a couple of wheel barrels.

Throughout Mike and Colleen’s 27-year journey of building Sutter Masonry LLC, The Sutter’s live a “Givers-Gain” philosophy.  To this day, Mike takes pride in giving back to the masonry industry which means so much to him.

Mike’s greatest gift to the industry is the investment of his time and service to our state & national masonry associations.  Mike is also very passionate about the development of high school masonry educational programs and recruiting our next generation of masons.

In January 2018, Mike completed his term as Chairman of the Mason Contractors Association of America and Colleen as First Lady of the Masonry Industry.  Mike was inducted into the Masonry Hall of Fame in 2019.

Despite his success, he still is very grounded and humble.  When he is asked what he does for a living, Mike doesn’t say he owned a masonry company or that he sits on various boards and committees. He simply replies, “I’m a bricklayer”. To us, and to many of our counterparts across the state and country, he is much more than simply “a bricklayer”. Through his active involvement, leadership and dedication to our industry he has laid the foundation for Sutter Masonry LLC as well many generations of masons to come.